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Welcome to mapp (Magazine Audience Performance Predictor), an innovative tool that delivers real-time performance metrics for major Australian magazines. Using mapp, advertisers can now access timely, real-time measures of current magazine issue performance and magazine audience build over time.

"a world breakthrough that enables magazines to be evaluated more accurately in marketing models"

A collaborative effort of Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA), mapp represents a world breakthrough that enables magazines to be evaluated more accurately in advertisers’ marketing and media models, using a weekly timeframe of performance, alongside other media and key indicators, such as sales.

Within a week of on-sale for weeklies and within two weeks of on-sale for monthlies, mapp provides estimates of the total ratings that specific magazine issues will achieve over their lifespan. By breaking this down into weekly components, mapp also allows advertisers to view the total ratings delivered by magazine campaigns, week-by-week, over the campaign period.

This real-time weekly data is available as an input to marketing evaluation models for more than 30 major monthly and weekly magazines.

Login to access a video that describes the process that enables magazine performance to be evaluated shortly after on-sale date, and the accumulation patterns that establish week-by-week components of audiences. It also demonstrates, step-by-step, how to use the tool to help evaluate the performance of your magazine campaign.

If you would like to know more please refer to the FAQs on this site or contact us at

An incorrectly applied print model may assume that a title will deliver its entire audience during the week (or month) that it goes on sale. Working on this assumption, the model will... then... discount the audience delivered in the longer term. Essentially it will look for impacts in the wrong places.

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Studies have consistently shown that applying correctly timed magazine inputs in marketing mix models improves magazine ROI.